Larry Trojak

Larry Trojak
Larry Trojak is owner and president of Trojak Communications, a Ham Lake, MN-based marketing communications company. In his 20 years in business, Trojak has written extensively for the construction, aggregates processing, asphalt production, recycling, and scrap processing markets.
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15 August 2013 Minimal Crew, Maximum Production Larry Trojak 4586
23 June 2013 Flood Control in the Desert? For Vegas Residents, it’s a Wash Larry Trojak 4356
29 January 2013 Steeling an Advantage Larry Trojak 3718
01 November 2012 Michigan Contractor’s Latest Project: Building Itself a New Home Larry Trojak 2444
22 September 2012 Pennsylvania Developer/Homebuilder Has Things 'Under Control' Larry Trojak 3351
29 June 2012 Machine Control Yields Hall of Fame Performance for Ohio Contractor Larry Trojak 3392
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