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When we launched Machine Control Online (MCO) at the 2009 World of Concrete, our goal was to advance positioning and 3D machine control technology through articles, news and education. This remains our mission today as we increase our footprint through the launch of a new digital magazine. Machine Control Magazine (MCM) promises even richer and more engaging content.

Both MCO and MCM are unique resources in that they focus exclusively on machine control related technologies. MCO has over 150 articles published online by our exclusive team of industry veterans and over 40 articles submitted by guest authors. This collection is the most extensive knowledge base available. The format is open, unbiased and perhaps most importantly, it’s free! Machine Control Magazine will propel that experience to new heights.

We are proud to choose ConExpo 2011 as our Launchpad event. The show has a long standing tradition for announcing new products that impact productivity for all facets of construction and mining. And with the economy turning around, the timing for the show couldn’t be better. Over 140,000 attendees are expected and MCM will be right in the middle of the celebration.

MCM brings together the best of our print and online production departments. MCM is laid out in the “flippy” magazine page format and is compatible with iPads and Tablet PCs. Any article can be printed or shared instantly. Our readers told us they wanted easy-toread articles with text arranged in columns, so we have changed the format accordingly.

Studies have emerged stating that familiar, print design principles are becoming more important. Online readers of this format are engaged an average of 18% longer than traditional web pages. In the same way that machine control embraces technology, this magazine is utilizing advanced publication delivery methods simplifying content accessibility and convenience.

We pride ourselves in being out front in developing quality content. We have invested in new video equipment and constructed a state-of-the-art studio for producing upcoming interviews, among other planned material and events. Future editions of MCM will have embedded videos, links and other interactive features.

We understand that for some, technological democratization can be bittersweet. There are those who embrace the new opportunities, while others seek education as they prepare for new and changing roles. At an adoption rate of approximately 10% (9 out of 10 have not yet purchased), readers with questions are the majority. MCM is committed to bringing you valuable information that helps with every-day business decisions and short and long-term investments.

We are here to help prepare for the changing road ahead. We’ve all worked hard for two years to make this launch a reality. We thank you for your readership and encourage your feedback. We also want to thank all our advertisers for supporting this venture. Manufacturers and users alike benefit from higher adoption and MCM will accelerate this adoption. Simply put, we are working to grow the pie for everyone.

This technology is revolutionary, whether its implementation is reducing the cost of grading a simple site to building new highways to impacting the fragile economies of countries affected by the cost of mining production. We are excited about the growth of this dynamic technology and we are proud to deliver your Machine Control Magazine.

Randy Noland
Managing Editor/Cofounder
Machine Control Magazine

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