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Take-off Professionals (TOPS)

(623) 776-9546 ext 108 US

TOPS provides data prep services and training. Training should give a student the tools necessary to perform tasks. They also need an understanding of how the software relates to different circumstances, this allows them to learn beyond what the course has taught. Usually, training consists of completing a sample job. That limits the learning to one set of conditions, we train to various job types increasing the users general knowledge beyond a single site.

Our mission is to train a user to become proficient in the use of software as it applies to their needs. We offer support through our TOPS Data Check program to make sure they are on target with their data and takeoffs.”
-Marco Cecal, President TOPS This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

(15+ locations - see website for location nearest you)

“First, we'll ask you about your job and the work to be done, then recommend the best option to fit your needs and budget. Our people are experts in all realms of job site accuracy and will make sure you walk out the door with not just quality equipment, but with the right equipment.”
-Scott Beathard, President GeoShack

Carlson Software, Inc.

(800) 989-5028 US

Get training direct from Carlson Software ( This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. ) or through the Members of Carlson College™ Carlson Software offers professional training at our facilities in Maysville, Kentucky and Boston, Massachusetts. In addition, Carlson Software offers regional training throughout the U.S. as well as on-site custom consulting. Comprehensive Training Calendar. Other Carlson College members are certified exclusively for SurvCE Training -- Click Here for listings.

“Our training encompasses the complete project life cycle from data collection, surveying, civil site and road design, data prep for 3d machine control, 3D machine control operation, site supervisors, change order implementation electronically (connected job site), invoicing/billing and much more.”
-Bruce Carlson, President & Founder, Carlson Software, Inc.

For information about upcoming classes, read the most recent Carlson College newsletter.

Topcon Positioning Systems (TPS)|

(925) 245-8300


Topcon University: Topcon University is dedicated to educating and training Topcon customers, dealer representatives and employees on its state-of-the-art technology and systems. Its slogan -- Productivity Powered by Learning – underscores its mission: to provide the awareness, understanding and expertise necessary so customers can get the most from their Topcon products and systems.

At TU Online, customers will find fast, easy-to-use, one-stop shopping for a number of high-value training and information aids, including:
On-Demand Learning Portal;
Recorded TU-Live webinar sessions;
Instructor-led training course list;
Product manuals, quick start guides & related information;
TU approved software & firmware downloads; and
TU calendar of events

For more information, please visit

Roper Laser

(770) 422-1717 US

“Join one of our regularly scheduled training classes for Carlson Takeoff and other software products or have us train your operators on-site for 3D machine control. Roper Laser will help you get the most out of your investment.”
-Bill Roper, Jr., President, Roper Laser

Harken-Reidar, Inc.

(540) 635-6742 US

"Automated Machine Guidance will build an inaccurate model very accurately. As a result, the data prep must be what we, at Harken-Reidar call, 'millimeter-accurate data'. Combine this need with the trend growing across America that data prep professionals must be licensed as a Professional Engineer or Land Surveyor and we are seeing a significant movement within civil design firms to undertake the development of 3D/GPS machine control data sets. Just in September our company has received 3 inquiries from very large design firms to learn how to develop 3d data for GPS guided construction. The engineer's data can now be developed as part of the project and be sent to the surveyors for QA/QC, formatting and dissemination. This is creating the need for a new position entitled 'Construction Site Data Manager'. The data prep industry is maturing very rapidly because we have noticed that developing a finished ground surface is no longer satisfactory. Now we must ensure that other concepts are included in the data, including developing data for the machinery involved, construction phasing, environmental sensitivity and supporting data to assist the machine operator."
Harry O. Ward, PE, President, Harken-Reidar, Inc.
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Machine Control Technology, Inc. (MCT)

(405) 279-4202 US

“Machine Control Technology Inc. (MCT) has opened its doors in Meeker, Oklahoma and is now accepting students for upcoming courses in 2D & 3D automated machine control. MCT, a premier GPS training facility offering multiple levels of construction training for every phase of the site. Each class is tailored to fit your company’s needs from 3D model analysis thru site inspection. The foundation of Machine Control Technology, Inc. is simple; “I teach the entire company how to successfully apply the automation tools available today. Those tools being Lasers, Sonics, Cross-Slope systems & Global Positioning Systems. However, more importantly, I teach the mistakes”
-Bill Crumb, President, Machine Control Technologies, Inc.

Leica GeoSystems

877-LEICA-MC (877-534-2262) or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

“Leica provides comprehensive training through Training, Support & Service (TSS) group. The primary goal of TSS is to provide training and support for our customers and dealers. Training sites include Atlanta, Houston and Denver. On-site training is also available.:
-Chris Mazur, Leica Machine Control

Trimble Navigation

“Trimble offers a blended training solution. This includes self paced online lessons, webinars and instructor led sessions. Our dealers offer similar programs. The dealer will provide the instructor and use Trimble web based material to create the blended solution. Trimble has access to locations around the globe which are used for Trimble to Trimble, Trimble to dealer and Trimble to customer training.Trimble has a learning center that hosts the lessons as well as a catalog and calendar. From, Support and Training, then Learning Center or ""
-Thomas Dobson, Trimble Navigation, Worldwide Training Manager

Survey Solutions Online

Survey Solutions is located in Madison Georgia, just southeast of Atlanta.

The instructor, Pat Harris, is a registered Land Surveyor with twenty years of field experience and an equal number of years in Survey Software sales, training and development and high tech equipment sales and training. His resume includes sales manager and trainer for C&G Software in Atlanta, GPS sales manager for Allen Precision Equipment, GIS sales manager for Ashtech, Southeast sales manager for Topcon Positioning Systems and Software Training Manager for Tripod Data Systems.

The company was formed in March 2009 to serve the Land Survey and Construction industry in the USA and Canada.

Contact information is as follows:
Pat Harris
1270 Apalachee River Rd
Madison, GA 30650
email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
706-752-0855 office
404-520-1460 cell

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